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There is no such thing as MOOism

Thee Grate Church ov MOO, Reformed
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Many people, when they hear about the Church of MOO, ask me if we're the Church of MOO which has all kinds of weird ideas about the future of human evolution and our personal destinies, or if we're that other Church of MOO that created that glut of incomprehensible semi-propaganda that swept their city. I usually have to answer YES.

Sometimes I tell them that human destiny lies in the unimaginable future, when our technology allows us to expand our consciousness to fill the entire universe, and then pass beyond it, accelerating to higher and yet higher levels, beyond those dreamed of by any religion. I tell them that to acheive this, the Church recognizes the need for many different points of view, many options at every juncture, for just as many options increase our chance of survival, many wants increase our ability to get what we desire: if nobody else wants the same thing as you, it's that much easier to get it. Our species can expand and evolve in all directions at once, becoming greater, broader, wider in experience and scope just as we gain stature by deeper and deeper development. Diversity and curiosity are our watchwords.

And sometimes I just tell them I was a bagel in a past life, and have a phobic fear of cream cheese, and let them figure it out for themselves, as we were all meant to do.

Hint hint.

- Pfloide Q. Gehqo, carbon based life form