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Tue, Oct. 3rd, 2006, 12:43 pm
kallisti: Robert Anton Wilson needs YOUR help!

It seems that like many a great man, Robert Anton Wilson is dying, and is penniless. If you can afford it, please give him some money to help ease his last days on this planet...and who knows, he might even get better with better medical care! If I get a job, I will be sending money...I recommend if you have ever enjoyed or been enlightened by his works, please ship him off at least $23 as a show of respect to a man who has given a great deal to this planet.

Here is the information to send him money.

Any donations can be made to Bob directly to the Paypal account olgaceline@gmail.com.
You can also send a check payable to Robert Anton Wilson to
Dennis Berry c/o Futique Trust
P.O. Box 3561
Santa Cruz, CA 95063.

Robert Anton Wilson is one of the great philosophers/writers of the 20th Century, He is/was friends with Timothy Leary, William S. Burroughs, Douglas Rushkoff, and Richard Bandler. He recorded a punk album, and influenced bands from Ministiry to The KLF.

Links for more information: